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Pre-Calculus and Discrete Mathematics
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Ithaca High School Lesson Plans
During my student teaching at Ithaca High School, these lesson plans were posted on this  website for the benefit of my students.  If they missed part of the lesson, they could go to my website to see what they had  missed.

3-1 Arithmetic Operations on Functions

3-2 Composition and Inverses of Functions

3-3 The Logic of Equation Solving

3-4: The Intermediate Value Theorem

3-5 The Logic of Inequality Solving

3-6 Solving Equations by Chunking or Factoring

Lesson Plan 3-5 and 3-6 Review

3-7: Solving Inequalities by Factoring

3-8: Graphs, Transformations, and Solutions

Quiz 3.5-3.8

Quiz 3.5-3.8 Review

Mr. Strong will teach PDM for the remainder of the year. Please see him for details. I will be stopping in from time to time to sub, and you will see me in the buidling subbing for other teachers.

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