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Classroom Organization and Management Plan
Candidate's Statement
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Ithaca High School Lesson Plans

Current Address

607 Wright Ave.

Alma, MI 48801

(616) 263-0100

Permanent Address

13931 Bass Lake View Court

Gowen, MI 49326

(616) 984-5058


Katey  Peacock

Mission Statement

My mission is to encourage curiosity, promote achievement, and demonstrate integrity through the learning of young adults.



Alma College Graduate Fall 2006, 614 W. Superior St., Alma, MI 48801

Bachelor of Science

Major: Mathematics, Secondary Education

Minor: Natural Sciences


Attended Montcalm Community College Fall 2001-Summer2002, 2800 College Drive, Sidney MI, 48885 Fall 2001-Summer 2002

Earned 18 transferable credits by taking 5 courses prior to attending Alma College

Greenville High School Graduate June 2002

Salutatorian  GPA 3.94/4.00



Teaching Related Experiences


Student Teaching Placement, EDC 490 Fall 2005, Ithaca High School

    Taught 4 sections of Core-Plus Mathematics Project Contemporary Mathematics in Context, A Unified Approach, Course 3 (Junior Level)

    Taught 1 section of Chicago Math Series Precalculus and Discrete Mathematics, Integrated Mathematics (Senior Level)

    Organized Student Council Hurricane Relief Effort Fundraiser

    Cooperating teacher: Mark Strong, Mathematics Department Head

Classroom phone: (989) 875-3373 ext. 1317


Substitute Teaching Spring 2005-Present

Began substitute teaching at Greenville Public Schools following the end of the winter 2005 semester at Alma College.  Continued substitute teaching at Ithaca High School while student teaching.


Learning Partner, Literacy, and Service Learning Placement, EDC 346 Fall 2004

    Worked closely with a struggling student at Alma’s Alternative Education facility for a total of 12 hours

    Looked closely at the student’s experiences of school, literacy, and learning in an effort to see the education system from a struggling student’s point of view


Exploring Teaching in High Schools Placement, EDC 201 Fall 2003

    Observed the teaching and classroom management of a veteran teacher, tutored students, assisted students with special needs, prepared and taught lessons, and graded papers for a total of 40 hours

    Cooperating teacher: James Hodges, Vestaburg High School, (989) 268-5343


Introduction to Secondary Education Placement, EDC 200 Winter 2003

    Examined education from the perspective of a, assisted students with homework, and helped enforce lab etiquette for a total of 20 hours.

    Cooperating teacher: Eric O’Brien, Morey Charter School, (989) 866-6739


On Campus Teaching Related Experiences Winter 2002-Winter 2005

    Alma College Teacher’s Assistant - Covered classes when professors had conflicts, graded papers, facilitated study sessions, tutored students in College Algebra and Pre-Calculus



    Alma College Mathematics Tutor- Tutored individual students by appointment and held weekly group study sessions for students enrolled in College Algebra, Liberal Arts Mathematics, Pre-Calculus, Brief Calculus, and Calculus


 Alma Middle School Mentor and Service Learning Experience Spring 2003

Mentored students twice a week for a month at Alma Middle School’s After School Program in mathematics and science


Montcalm Community College Tutor and Teacher’s Aid Summer 2001-Summer 2005

    Tutored Montcalm Community College students in English, mathematics, and biology

    Assisted college students with learning disabilities and special needs 


Work Experience

Summer 2005 Youth Sports Director for The Club Fitness Center

Supervisor: Al Guilfoyle, Owner/Manager

     Instructed private lessons in basketball, volleyball, and soccer


Fall 2002 – Fall 2005 Alma College Athletic Department Event Staff

Supervisor: Ellen Curtis, Alma College Athletic Director

        Sold/Took tickets for various sporting events

 Line judged volleyball matches


Summers 2002-2005 Alma College Basketball Camp Counselor

Supervisor: Charlie Goffnett, Alma College Woman’s Basketball Coach

                                         Coached teams of middle-school-aged girls, checked girls into and out of rooms, and counseled girls who missed home, who did not get along with roommates, and who were feeling ill.


Summer 2001 – Summer 2003 Greenville Recreation Department 

Supervisor: Kristina Berry, City of Greenville Director of Athletics

2001  Youth Sports Instructor/Concession Stand Worker

2002 Office Assistant/Youth Sports Instructor: basketball, volleyball, and soccer

2003 Youth Coordinator

       Planned, Coordinated, and Directed a week-long youth day camp

       Managed a $5,000 budget for the summer youth programs

       Coordinated Tennis day camp

        Wrote two grants for funding of youth programs


Extracurricular Activities


Alma College Varsity Basketball Fall 2002-Winter 2006

Started on the women’s varsity basketball team for 4 years receiving accolades such as Athlete of the Week, All-Conference, and M.V.P. honors


Alma College Resident Assistant Fall 2004 –Spring 2005

Served Alma College residents as a member of the student life staff.  Was able to assist students’ with their transition to college, difficult classes, personal issues, and other elements of college life


Coaching Fall 1999 - Present

  • Volunteered as a coach for various youth basketball and volleyball teams
  • Coached high school girls AAU volleyball



The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The great teacher demonstrates.  The superior teacher inspires.

13931 Bass Lake View Court - Gowen, MI 49326 - (616) 263-0100 -