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Unit 1, Lesson 5: Looking Back
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Content Standards and Benchmarks:

I,1,3: Study and employ mathematical models of patterns to make inferences, predictions and decisions. 

          I,2,2: Develop a  mathematical concept of function and recognize that functions display characteristic patterns of change (e.g., linear, quadratic, exponential).

          I,2,6: Increase their use of functions and mathematical models to solve problems in context.



After completing the previous four lessons, students will be able to derive from text and analyze equations with several variables.  They will also be able to determine the effects of changing the values of these variables. 


Anticipatory Set:

          Warm-up: “Make a drawing showing the path of the freighter. Label all critical information.  When your group thinks they have the correct drawing, draw it up on the board. You have 2 minutes from when the bell rings to complete this task! Hustle! J

En route to sea, a freighter travels 50 km due west of home port. It then turns, making an angle of 132 degrees with its former path. It travels 80 km before radioing home port.”


Review Lesson 4 Quizzes from the day before


Class Discussion: Lesson 5 is a review of the first four lessons of the book. We will take the Unit 1 Test on Tuesday. Please begin Lesson 5 on page 86 with your group.



Class Discussion: **Drum demonstration** “What drum has the highest pitch? How do you know? Lowest? How do you know? How can we represent this algebraically? Are there any instruments that demonstrate a similar relationship that involves thickness, or width?”



Guided Practice:

Students will work through the next few problems in the lesson reviewing concepts we have recently discussed as I circulate and guide them through the problems. 


Independent practice:

Students will be assigned Maintenance Master 36a #1 and #2 due Wednesday.



“What vocabulary did we review today?”

v    Inverse/Direct variation

v    Constraints, variables, objective equation, and inequalities, feasible pt, feasible region, and objective maximum pt.

v    Law of Cosines and Law of Sines

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