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Unit 1, Lesson 4 M.O.R.E.s
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Standards and Benchmarks Covered in this Lesson

          I,1,4: Explore patterns (graphic numeric, etc.) characteristic of families of functions; explore structural patterns within systems of objects, operations or relations.

          IV,3,5: Apply their understanding of number relationships in solving problems.



“We have an easy day today! We will be working on MORE’s for the next couple days”


Anticipatory Set:

v    Review the OYO on pg 79

v    Review Exercise Set 3, #9


Objective: After completing lesson 4, students will be able to complete the MORE problems that are designed to solidify the concepts the students have learned in this lesson.


Guided Practice:

Students will complete the MORE’s on pages 80-85; M1, M4, O3, E3 with me circulating to answer questions.


Independent Practice:

Students will complete Practice Set 1 for homework.



v    What are some key concepts you think will be on the quiz on Thursday?

v    Are there any problems in the MORE’s that you think would be similar to those on the test? Have you seen these types of problems before?

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