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Wednesday: Content Standards and Benchmarks:
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Content Standards and Benchmarks:

I,1,3: Study and employ mathematical models of patterns to make inferences, predictions and decisions. 

          I,2,2: Develop a  mathematical concept of function and recognize that functions display characteristic patterns of change (e.g., linear, quadratic, exponential).

          I,2,6: Increase their use of functions and mathematical models to solve problems in context.



After doing part of the investigation in class the day before, students will be able to shade the algebraic model to determine feasible solutions.

Anticipatory Set:

        “Who is going to be playing in the student-faculty basketball game this weekend? Who is going to go watch?”

     Warm-up: Derive an algebraic model for the following scenario:

                                  Joe is bored!  He is a high school senior watching his 8th grade little sister play middle school volleyball.  Both teams have won one game.  He is so bored he is trying to figure out how much longer until one of the teams wins so the match will be over.  He has noticed that his sister’s team the Junior Yellow Jackets score 3 points every five minutes. The other team, the Junior Wildcats score 4 points every 3 minutes.  If the Junior Yellow Jackets have 8 points and the Junior Wildcats have 5 points, how long will Joe have to wait for the game to be over, and who will win (first to 15pts)?



Students will complete investigation 2. I will guide them to a deeper understanding of how to derive algebraic models of given mathematical scenarios by asking carefully designed questions.


Guided Practice:

Students will work through the next few problems in the text as I circulate and guide them through the problems. 


Independent practice:

           Students will be assigned the OYO on Pg 73, Pg 82 O1 Ex. Set 3 #4


Discuss the checkpoint on page 72 with students.

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