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Unit 1, Lesson 4, Investigation 1: Picture Your Options
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Content Standards and Benchmarks:

I,1,3: Study and employ mathematical models of patterns to make inferences, predictions and decisions.  

          I,2,2: Develop a  mathematical concept of function and recognize that functions display characteristic patterns of change (e.g., linear, quadratic, exponential).

          I,2,6: Increase their use of functions and mathematical models to solve problems in context.



After a class discussion regarding constraints, feasible points and lattice points related to linear programming, students will be determine which combinations of data satisfy all constraints in a given scenario.


Anticipatory Set:

        “How was your Thanksgiving?  Did anyone do any traveling or something fun for the weekend?”

        Warm-up: Vendiagram example of limiting domain

                        Number set of limiting domain

                        Graphical representation of limiting domain


Introduction to Lesson:

Class Discussion: regarding productivity of a video game plant

           Assembly time for each product

           Testing time for each product

           Packing time for each product

           Profit per product



Students will begin investigation 1 of lesson 4 today.  I will guide them to a deeper understanding of how to model scenarios mathematically by giving multiple representations of how to set up inequalities using numbers and variables by asking carefully designed questions.


Guided Practice:

Students will work through the next few problems in the text as I circulate and guide them through the problems. 


Independent practice:

           Students will be assigned the OYO on page 68 and the Ex. Set 3 #1


     Discuss with the class the reason for staying within particular constraints.





     Any others?

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