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Unit 1, Lesson 2, Investigation 1
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Standards and Benchmarks Covered in this Lesson

          II,3,1: Select and use appropriate tools; make accurate measurements using both metric and common units, and measure angles in degrees and radians.

          II,3,5: Use proportional reasoning and indirect measurements including applications of trigonometric ratios, to measure inaccessible distances and to determine derived measures such as density.



Anticipatory Set: Warm up cartoon and Pythagorean Theorem review.

Objectives: After students measured the lengths of triangles and we briefly discussed the Pythagorean Theorem yesterday and going over the warm-up today, students will be able to complete the investigation they began yesterday.



Students will finish up investigation 1 of lesson 2 today.  I will guide them to a deeper understanding of the content by giving multiple representations of the content and by asking carefully designed questions.



v    Checkpoint Pg 27

     What relates the sides of a right triangle?

     How can that relationship help us calculate the lengths unknown sides?

     What relationships help us find the side and angle measurements in any right triangle?

         If you calculate a side given a length and an angle?

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