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Unit 1, Lesson 1, Investigation 1 and 2 Review

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Unit 1, Lesson 1, Investigation 1 and 2 Review


Standards and Benchmarks Covered in this Lesson

          I,1,2: Analyze, interpret and translate among representations of patterns including tables, charts, graphs, matrices, and vectors. 

          I,2,2: Develop a mathematical concept of function and recognize that functions display characteristic patterns of change (e.g., linear, quadratic, exponential).



1)     Anticipatory Set: Conversation on “What is the point?!?!?!” notebooks

     Writing mathematics

     Reviewing the material

     Resource for further review


2)     Objectives: -After a group experiment the previous two days and a class discussion of the content, the students will be able to write out the properties of inverse and direct relationships.

-          Students will also be able to represent and identify inverse and direct variation as graphs.



v    Check Point U1,L1,I1 Page 5

     Variation with two variables: What do the inverse and direct relationships look like? What happens when one variable increase? decreases?

     How could you write the inverse and direct equations as a single equation.

v    Check Point U1,L1,I1 Page 9


     How will z change as x increases? decreases?

     How will z change as y increases? decreases?

    Apply the above ideas to Ohm’s law.

  How does I vary with respect to V and R?

                         Can you express the relationship

        with y as a function of k, x, and z?

        with x as a function of k, y, and z?



If there is time remaining, students will work through Investigation 3 (Pg 3) in the text, I will guide them to a deeper understanding of the content through multiple representations of the content and carefully designed questions and examples.



v    What are these first two lessons about?

v    What shapes should we know?

v    Any methods we should remember?

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