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Unit 1, Lesson 1 Review
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Ithaca High School Lesson Plans

Standards and Benchmarks Covered in this Lesson

          I,1,2: Analyze, interpret and translate among representations of patterns including tables, charts, graphs, matrices, and vectors.

          I,2,2: Develop a mathematical concept of function and recognize that functions display characteristic patterns of change (e.g., linear, quadratic, exponential).



Anticipatory Set: Today I will remind the students they have  test in two days.  I will then remind them to begin reviewing on their own.  I will leave the rest of the hour for them to work on the “M.O.R.E” problems in the book.


Objectives: - After studying the last four lessons relating multiple variables the students will be able to answer the review questions assigned for individual classroom work.


Input:  The input was the lectures and homework problems that covered the last four lessons.


Independent Practice

Students will work on the “M.O.R.E” problems on pages 16-24.

          M1,M2,O3, Ex Set 1: 5,6 (Due at the end of the  

                    hour Oct. 26th)

          M3,O4 (Due at the end of the hour Oct 27th)

          O6,O7,R1,E1 (Due at the beg. of the hour Oct 28th)

          E2, O1, Extra Credit



v    Remind students we have a quiz tomorrow

v    Remind them to complete their tool kits

v    Review objectives of each investigation

     Relationship between variables given a direct and inverse relationship or both

     Solve equations relating multiple rates

     Given an equation solve one variable in terms of the other variables

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